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Daily Archives: 5 July 2008

Counters and Tickers

I’ve added a new section along the right side of my blog.  I’ve added a couple counters and tickers.  They keep track of time until some dates that are important to us.  I was going to add one for retirement sooner, but wasn’t sure I should….or how.  Then my good online friend, Laura, got a cruise ticker and posted it right into her blog.  I thought that was a great idea!!  Then as I scanned down, she had this awesome flag counter.  It keeps track of all the different countries that visit the blog.  When it’s a new country, it adds a new country flag.  I just thought that was too cool!! 

So, I went in search of a couple cool tickers and counters for my blog.  I got the flag counter from Laura’s site and then found a couple of my own.  I think it’s just kinda fun and let’s all my faithful readers know what’s coming up for us.

Enjoy keeping track with us!!


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