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Howdy from the New Computer!!

Posted by on 3 July 2008

Yes, you read that title right….I have a new computer!!  I ordered it the last day that Dell had Windows XP available.  Believe it or not, I have 2 other blog entries wrote that I haven’t published yet.  One of them pertains to this topic.  Anyway, back to the current topic.  After some price frustration and debating about getting it, we went for it and snuck in an order under the gun.  I am getting credited back to our account for half the difference in price discrepancy as well.  Now the task of transferring from my old computer to this one begins.  Then, K will get my old computer and we’ll see if we can’t eventually get it online for a reasonable repair price.  It still frustrates me that it’s a perfectly good machine and I can’t get online.  The new one seems great so far, but we shall see.  I already don’t like where Dell decided to place the button to open the cd/dvd drawers.  Very impractical!!  I have to tell you, I was totally shocked when FedEx ran my door bell today.  The Dell web site still says that my computer is “in production”.  Funny, the only thing it’s producing is a blog!!  HAHA  I don’t have the monitor yet.  I’m sure that’ll be here after the weekend.  With tomorrow being the holiday and FedEx not delivering on weekends, I should get it next week.  It’s pretty typical for Dell to split and order up.  Personally, I’d rather have more stuff on the computer and no monitor!!  I love the one I have, but this way, Miss K will have something more practical to use and also fits in her space better. 

Alright ya’ll….I’m off to explore some more on the new computer.  I’m excited I don’t have to go from one computer to the other to do work or be onine.  YAY!! 

Good night and sweet dreams!!

2 Responses to Howdy from the New Computer!!

  1. Laura


    I’m jealous. I need a new monitor really bad. I was using hubby’s and it died so he got another and I’m stuck with the one that flickers and jumps after about an hour. Grrrrrrrrr.

  2. armyfamilyok

    Thanks!! I’m so glad I don’t have to mess with 2 machines now. Mine is coming with a monitor, but I’m more than happy with the one I have. It’ll be an awesome monitor though. It’s 20″!! Tell hubby you’re not dealing with that thing any more….that meanie. Want me to kick his butt?? LOL

    HUGS girlie!!

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