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Lemonade, Part 2

Posted by on 20 June 2008

I was far too tired to write last night.  I think I went into zombie mode.  Now I know how the man feels!!

On to the lemonade stand.  Well, standing out there trying to drum up business, I had my doubts.  People are either rude or cheap!!  For the life of me, I’ll never understand why they say “oh that sounds great, I’ll be right back” and they never come back.  If you don’t want any, just say so.  There really is no need to lie about it.  SHEESH  Miss K was just as cute as could be out there with her skirt fluttering in the wind just a smiling at people.  (She let Momma do the hard work of yelling out to get attention!!)  I don’t know how many times I heard people comment on her smile.  Then she acts all shy….and shy she is NOT!!  It all paid off in the end.  After watching/listening to the man announce the demo, we went back to the stand in hopes of catching some generous thirsty family members.  It worked!!  We sold 12 oz. cups of lemonade for $1 each and topped it with a cute little lemon wedge.  We made 5 gallons total and came home with only about 6 of those cups in the bottom of the drink cooler/pitcher.  That’s all that was left on the table!!  Yep, it paid off!!


At the end of the day (about 2-3 hours work) she made….

$112.00!!  WooHoo

On Monday, I’m going to take her to the bank and we’re going to get a money order.  No matter the cause, I’d just assume not hand them a wad of cash.  I figure with a money order, she can write it all out herself.  Then I’ll take her to our local USO office and get a picture of her putting it in their hands.  I’m sure that $112 will come in very handy!!

If I don’t crash and burn tonight, I’ll try to get a picture of the lemonade stand posted.  We really did have a cute set-up.  It worked at least!!

Tomorrow, I have to get Miss K to church.  She has a meeting and class with Father.  She’s going to be an altar server!!  I remember when that only used to be altar boy!!  Not any more and my little girl is going to look so sweet up there.  HEHE  As long as she doesn’t end up with some 8am mass, I’m happy.  HAHA

After that, we’re heading down to Wichita Falls.  I <shudder> have to find a ball gown.  This will probably be our last formal affair in the Army.  WOW!!  I just can’t imagine that.  I have a choice of a couple babysitters.  The Ball is paid for.  I have nobody to do my hair and no gown.  Hey, life is good!!  I hope I find something cause I sure can’t go in a gown I’ve already worn.  Forbid someone see me in the same gown!!  HAHA  Oh to be a princess for a night.  Alright, just this once, I’ll admit that despite all the snotty <bleep> woman, I have a great time.  I love the formal military events.  Dress Blues, gowns, speeches, customs and courtesies….and so on.  It’s so grand!!  I can’t even tell you how much they’ve changed since we went to our first one.  There is just so many hoochies now.  It’s disgusting.  I don’t know exactly when it became formal to show all you got, but I missed the memo on it, that’s for sure!!  Not me!!  HEHE  I go all out ball gown, which is the only way to go.  Ah, the Army life….

With that, I’m off!!  I’ll try hard to get some pics posted.  Peace….out….

3 Responses to Lemonade, Part 2

  1. Laura

    Congrats for K! She’s having one great summer!

    I know what you mean about dressing up. I had to find something for 2 formal nights on our cruise. UGH! And you know how I HATE shopping!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  2. Debbie

    WooHoo K!!

    Hope you had a “grand” time at the ball!

  3. armyfamilyok

    Thanks!! We’re very proud of her.

    We had a great time….keep reading to find out more about the Ball!!

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