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Posted by on 19 June 2008

Take a StandThe day has come….it’s time to “Take a Stand”!!  Yes that’s right, today is the day that our enterprising and charitable Miss K sets up her lemonade stand.  All proceeds, which are recommended donations of $1 a glass, will themselves be donated.  Her cause is the USO (United Service Organizations).  There slogan is “Until Every One Comes Home” and there is no better day than that.  Hubby has been the lucky recipient of their services before.  They’re definitely a worthy cause and they’ve been there for the American service member for years.

This proud mom will update and possibly include a picture after our event is over with and all sales are complete.  I have to tell you, it was fun being out there in the kitchen with K mixing up pitcher after pitcher of lemonade.  We made something like 5 gallons in all.  We put it one of those huge round drink coolers.  On the way in the morning, we’ll stop and pick up a couple large bags of ice.  In addition to mixing all that up, we cut up the cutest little lemon wedges to add to their tasty cup of lemonade.  Boy does my house smell fantastic (that is, if you love citrus)!!

Somehow, we’ve run my handy new ice maker out of ice.  I didn’t think we drank that much today and I didn’t think it took that long to make more.  I’m going to be hoping and praying that we ran it out and that’s all it was.  I don’t think I can handle an issue with that right now.

Alright, I’m off!!  Here’s hoping (with a few prayers thrown in) that those families are hot and thirsty tomorrow….

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