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Posted by on 14 June 2008

I always think I know what tired is, then the man proves me wrong.  They’re short on Drill Sergeants in his unit right now, so they’re all putting in even more time than usual.  The final stages of training are going on, so there’s weapons qualifications, pt tests, field exercises and more going on.  They’ve been out in the fob (fire operations base) all week doing most of this.  It’s been a night out, a night back all week.  Since it’s close to 100 all day, it doesn’t cool down much at night, so there’s no sleep to be had in those tents at night.  It doesn’t matter that you’re purely exhausted because it’s just too hot to sleep.  The final exercise last night was a night infiltration.  That means that it starts after 2100 hours (9 pm) and finishes sometime around o’dark thrity.  That meant about 0400 hours (4 am) by the time he got in this morning.  The man was back at work at 0700 hours (7am) and is pulling all night duty.  Can I just say, he’s living in the land of zombies right now.  It’s crazy!!  Even after almost 20 years, nobody should work in that situation. 

Now I begin my all night prayer that he doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel on the way home tomorrow morning.  Can you guess how he’ll spend his Father’s Day??  In bed!!  SHEESH

K and I will go to church in the morning and let him sleep.  Yes, I think God will forgive him for missing mass tomorrow.  I’m sure God would much rather the man said a prayer and slept in his own bed rather than snore during mass.  After that, we’ll stop by the store to pick up some steaks and stuff to make macaroni salad with and come home.  Then we’ll start to assemble our Father’s Day lapbook and make the macaroni salad so that it gets chilled by dinner.  Once we do all that, we’ll probably wake him up and enjoy the rest of the day together.

I’ve been busy creating games for my R.E. class and my groups.  I also made a mini-book that the kids can read and color.  I’m wondering if I’ll ever get that game completed for the 2 debtors.  I have a board, but no game ideas!!  ARG  I’ve been so busy with this stuff and household chores that I can’t believe this many days went by without me doing the blog.  Then again, I knew better than to promise daily entries!!  HAHA 

Debbie (and everyone else), we’re very much having a summer vacation.  Reviewing her 5th grade mathwas K’s idea.  They went through it so fast and in so in-depth last year, that she wasn’t sure she understood it all.  So, we’re reviewing it so we can move onto 6th grade math when the Schoolhouse officallybegins.  As for the Olympics, it’s not as if she’s in class all day.  This is something we discussed and decided to do for a fun lesson.  K will learn about the Olympics, China and a country of her choice, which she’ll follow through all the events.  She’ll also read about a chosen Olympic athlete.  (It’s vital she keep up on reading all summer, no matter how much time off there is.)  By the time the Schoolhouse begins, we’ll be done with this mini-lesson and we’ll have fun in the process. 

If I’ve already learned one thing, when you homeschool, you teach and learn almost year round.  It’s just not always done in the classroom.  Many things you do can count toward credit for your classes, so we keep track of it all.  After all, no matter how fun it is, it still counts toward the education.

Alright, with that, I’m off.  I’m undecided if I’m going to work on another game or go crawl in bed and watch a movie.  I do, after all, have the bed to myself tonight.  Might be a good idea to watch one of those flicks that I can watch over and over again!!  HEHE

Nighty night ya’ll….

3 Responses to Tired

  1. Debbie

    Seeing as how it’s a month after this post, is dh all rested up? And how’s the Olympic fun coming along. I’m sure I’ll find out in newer posts….I’m so behind!

  2. armyfamilyok

    I’m glad to see you getting caught up, Debbie. I’ve missed you!! Always gave me a reason to comment back and see what your thoughts were.

    He’s gotten his battle buddy back, so he’s getting a bit more rest.

    Olympic plans are coming along great. We start next week and then K is gone for a week and when she returns, we go back to it until the Schoolhouse starts.

    Keep reading!!

  3. Julia Swenson

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    Julia Swenson

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