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The Science of Olympics

Posted by on 10 June 2008

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was going to be on the hunt for activities to do for science that focused on the Olympics.  Well, I didn’t give up and I found it!!  YAY!!  (I might even pat myself in the back too!! 😉 )  I have found “mass Olympics” that is a free lesson.  It comes from the Rochester education department….or something like that.  You can find it at under November.  It’s at about a 4th grade level.  I couldn’t have gotten any closer than that to what I need!!  There’s teacher notes, worksheet and an experiment.  I’m so excited, I get to work science into the theme of Olympics as an actual “event” and lesson.  Can’t get much better than that!!

I told Miss K that she was going to have to develop and create an Olympic “symbol” or logo.  It had to be as if the Olympics were being held right here in the land of OKies.  Her eyes lit up and she got this grin on her face.  She said “the symbol is what each of the Olympics are, oh I don’t know Momma, like a theme, right?”.  I said yes and her eyes got even brighter and she started to rub her chin.  I said, “now you do realize you can’t do this until July or August, right?” and she was like of course and just walked off.  I could see the wheels turning all the way down the hallway.  I don’t know if I should be happy or nervous!!  HAHA


Well, I think I’m going to leave it at that tonight!!  I was going to go off on a little “rant” about something I’ve seen lately and I think is just a bit insane.  However, I’m not in the mood and I think we should all be left with smiles on our faces!!  HAHA

Nighty night ya’ll!!



One Response to The Science of Olympics

  1. Debbie

    Okay, so you aren’t officially starting till July?

    Science never interested me in school. Too much to do with math and you know how challenged I am when it comes to that. Poor kids are paying for it.

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