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2008 Olympics – Beijing

Posted by on 9 June 2008

2008 Olympic symbols

The Beijing 2008 Olympics.  That’s the topic that I’ve spent most of today researching and gathering materials on.  After discussions with K about beginning to do Math 5 next week, we also came to the decision that we wanted to do the 2008 Olympics during the month of July.  When the Schoolhouse officially starts up in August, there’s just not going to be time and the lessons for that month are already pretty much planned out.  So, we decided to spend the month of July learning about the Olympics, both past and present, as well as Beijing and China.

The Olympics are actually a great topic!!  There’s so many subjects that it entails.  We can hold our own backyard Olympics for P.E., not to mention the health/nutrition aspects of athletes.  There’s also all that social studies with the origins of the Olympics taking us all the way up to the current location of Beijing, China.  Ms. Social Studies should love that!!  Oh, I found a list of participating countries, so K was instructed to choose a country to follow during the Olympics to keep track of their medals and so on.  In the meantime, she has to research that country and let the teacher (hey, that’s ME!!) know all about it.  She of course thought she’d pull a fast one and do the U.S. and I simply shook my head.  We don’t get off that easy at the Schoolhouse!!  HAHA 

There’s plenty of math with the metric system and more.  I’m going to have to think of how science relates!!  HAHA  Maybe one of my readers will have the answer to that one.  And for reading, there will be the reading of a biography of a chosen Olympian.  I think that about covers it!!  We’ll finish the whole topic off by creating a lapbook of everything we learned!!  (What a great time to add some info to our class timeline as well!!)

Other than that, we had a slow relaxing weekend.  Horrilbe mother that I am got in front of the computer with K and played games again.  We built an awesome zoo in Zoo Tycoon.  (It does teach her to be frugal with her money!!)  It’s not even half way done, but we’re raking in the dough.  YIPPY!!

We also collaborated to make a file folder game about Moses.  We came up with a pretty cool game board.  The colors are awesome.  We matched the spaces to some great clipart that I found and went from there.  She pretty much picked out the font and the background.  Her theory….if she doesn’t want to play it, nobody else will.  She’s probably right!!  HAHA  Anyway, I got stuck with the task of making the question cards and let me tell you, that’s a chore.  I despise question cards!!  Have to cover the full life of Moses from Exodus to Deuteronomy.  (Bet you can’t say that one fast!!)  I thought I’d finish it today, but no such luck.  I guess I’ll have to aim realistically for Monday evening or Tuesday.

With that, I’m off.  Ya’ll have sweet dreams….

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  1. Debbie

    I take it you’re jumping right into school? Gee, Mom! Give the poor kid a break! LOL

    I don’t see that game posted yet and it’s Wednesday. Ha ha ha!

    That name and email messes me up all the time!

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