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Daily Archives: 1 June 2008

Another Month

I can’t believe it’s the beginning of yet another month.  We’re starting the half way point of this year.  Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!!

Today was a great day.  I got my K back!!  YAY!!  She had spent the past week with my parents.  She absolutely loves it out there.  She’s got so much to see and do.  K was definitely ready to come home and I was ready to have some noise in the house again.  It’s been a VERY quiet week!!  I got alot accomplished, but it’s time to enjoy summer!! 

K was quite impressed with everything I got typed up while she was gone.  I showed her the timeline that we’re going to keep for the entire year of all the topics, subjects, people, events and more that we study this year.  She absolutely loved the idea!!  In case anyone is interested, you can find these great timelines available at to save or print out.  It’s awesome!!  It even has a boy or girl cover and spine labe.  We can’t wait to get started on ours!!

Earlier in the week, I had mentioned how “formal” our homeschool seemed to some.  When K got home, I showed her our classroom rules and some of the other information that I typed up.  She was so thrilled.  As I said when I was typing it all, she likes rules and structure.  Over time, I’m sure we’ll loosen the straps a little, but she likes things tight.  This is going to be a great experience for us.  Who knows, we may end up homeschooling right through high school.  She’s very undecided on that right now, but it’s early and she’s young.  With the increase in gangs, drugs and other activities in the schools year, she can stay home as long as she wants!!

We’ve been finding out some interesting things pertaining to the man’s retirement.  There’s ssoooo much to do.  Most of it, you’re on your own with too.  You serve this country for 20 years and get nothing but crap!!  ARG  You don’t see those big wigs up on Capital Hill going through all this crap though.  They never have to worry about where their next meal is coming from or who’s going to pay the insurance.  Oh no, the poor old working man is going to take care of that for them.  Sad thing is, is I don’t know one of them that’s ever truly served this country or the people in it.  Now I know for a fact that our military does.  Yet, they have the easy life and all of us struggle in one way or the other.  Go figure!!

Alright, I’m off!!  No telling what time the phone will ring or Miss K will get up.  I have to clean The Schoolhouse tomorrow!!  UG  I’ve had an influx of freebies and I let them get out of control.  Now, I’m going to have to work twice as hard to get it the way it should be.  You’d think I’d learn!!  HAHA  NOT!!

Good night ya’ll!!

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