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Today’s Accomplishments

Posted by on 27 May 2008

I’m quite happy with all I got done today.  I didn’t get to move too far away from my computer, but I still got alot accomplished.  I figure I have to get much of this done while K is gone so that I won’t have to worry about her wanting attention and I’m trying to work on things.  Most of what I did was for homeschool.

I created several log pages today.  I already had a Reading Log, but I tweaked it a bit.  Then I made one for science labs and experiments, computer, field trips, life skills and entertainment (movies, documentaries, videos, tv or live events).  I think that’s about all.  All easy to follow pages for K to keep track of things she’s doing, reading and so on.  Much needed for school records when one homeschools.  I know there’s probably more that I need, but I can’t think of anything.  I have considered scanning them and posting them to this site in case other homeschool parents need them or can use them for ideas.  I just don’t think I have that much space though.

After that, I struggled with making a report card.  I must say, it was worth all the hassles.  It turned out really good.  Even the man (our principal) liked how it turned out!!  Of course, he is the one that’s going to have to sign it!!  HAHA  I made it sort of like a book.  It has a nice cover with our schoolhouse, the grade in school and school year on it.  Then when you open it, the left side is required classes (science, language arts, math, etc.), conduct and the grade scale.  The right side the special or elective classes (art, life skills, spanish, etc.) and attendance.  Finally, the back has an area for comments for each grading period and what grade she’s being promoted to the next year.  It’s much like a report card you’d find at any other school.

I guess in some ways, we’re taking a pretty formal approach to our homeschool.  We feel that’s what’s best for us though.  I know it’s the enviroment that K learns best in.  I think we definitely have classes that will help her thrive in life, not just in school.  I was going through her math book and thinking how in-depth it was for 6th grade.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe the pace that these kids learn at and are still constantly told they’re behind many other countries in the world.  Maybe that’s the problem, we worry too much about the rest of the world and not what’s best for our kids.  At least I had a chance to be a kid and enjoy being a kid.  I don’t think kids now are allowed to do that.  I mean, most start sending their kids to school at 3 or 4 years old.  Where’s there being a kid to that??  I sent K to Pre-K, but it was a half day program and it was just as much “fun” as “learning”.  We felt it was important for her to learn to adjust to being away from me and relate to other kids since she’s an only child.  It worked too.  The first day of Kindergarten, there was no freaking out and she was ready to learn. 

Life Skills is the newest “class” that I’ve come up with.  It will be things that we do in daily life that will help her grow and take her into adulthood.  They’re things like cooking, helping her dad change the oil on the car, painting and working on the house, cleaning and things like that.  A part of that will be “safety”.  We’ll do lessons on water and electricity safety, storm safety and more.  I think she deserves a “grade” for things that are going to help her in life, not just the required classes.  After all, we each learn something every single day!!

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