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What’s Up With All These Graduations??

Posted by on 22 May 2008

Congradulations to all the 2008 Graduates!!Alright, I just have to know what’s up with all these Pre-K and Kindergarten graduations.  I mean, are they really graduating??  NO!!  They’re just moving on to the next step….the next grade.  How can kids that little actually know what a cap and gown and diploma mean.  In that case, all the grades would have to have some sort of graduation or promotion, but they don’t.  I can understand an 8th grade graduation.  Those kids are about to take the huge step into high school and a new for of education and life.  That too, depends on where you live and how the schools are set up.

Where I grew up, elementary school was K-6, Jr. High was 7-9 and Sr. High was 10-12.  In all those years, you had ONE graduation and that was from 12th grade.  School in Texas was a bit different with elementary being K-6, middle school was 7 & 8 and high school was 9-12.  Once again, ONE graduation and that was from 12th grade, when you actually worked for it and it meant something to you and you were about to take the biggest step in your life. 

Schools here have changed drastically, just since K started school.  When she started, elementary was K-6 with only a select few schools having Pre-K, middle school was 7 & 8 and high school was 9-12.  Now, as if the overcrowding wasn’t bad enough, elementary school is Pre-K to 5, middle school is 6-8 and high school is 9-12.  At least I think that’s how it is in public school.  Her Christian (private) school is Pre-K to 8.  Pre-K in public and private is now all day.  When K started school, kindergarten was just 1/2 day and that was enough.

So, that takes us back to graduation.  Why do 4 & 5 year olds graduate??  They learn to play and get along with others.  Although there’s a big push on to know the alphabet, tying one’s own shoes, counting to 100 and so on, they’re still little kids.  Should they really graduate??  This blogger thinks NO, but that’s just my opinion.

To all those that have worked hard and earned that diploma….congradualations!!  Best wishes to the class of 2008!!

WOW!!  I’m suddenly feeling very old!!  The man and I graduated 23 years ago and have been together that long as well.  YEESH!!

Tossing my cap up in the air….

3 Responses to What’s Up With All These Graduations??

  1. Laura

    They do Pre-K and K graduation here and also 5th and 8th. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  2. Debbie

    I sort of agree with you here. But you have to admit, it’s cute. LOL

    When I graduated (12th gr) I tossed my hat with the rest of the kids. Never saw it again. It’s haunted me for years. LOL Instead of watching to see where it was, I ducked for cover in fear of being attacked by caps. Ha!

  3. Laura

    I didn’t even go to my college graduation! LOL! They say, “The College of Education, please stand up. You are now graduated!” and that’s it. Why bother when you don’t even have your name announced and not walk across the stage?

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