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Counting Down

Posted by on 15 May 2008

I guess I haven’t kept up very well with this crazy blog.  I was pretty busy, but not TOO much.  We had some storms blow in, but were more mild than expected.  The temperature is surprisingly cool for this time of May.  Very enjoyable!!

I think everyone here is just counting down the days.  There’s 4 days of school left, in fact.  We can’t wait!!  I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy and out of control that school is right now.  Here’s an example….

On Wednesday, I’m a volunteer driver for a field trip for K’s class.  I pick the kids up, sit through the whole field trip and bring them back.  I arrive before the teacher, so I let the kids in the building and they use the bathroom, then get a book out to read.  It’s approximately 20 minutes before the end of the school day, maybe a little more, so I gesture toward a chair and the teacher nods.  I need to talk to him and there’s no sense going home, so I sit and listen to his lecture.  All of a sudden, his phone rings and I got a weird feeling.  He walks over to me and whispers that he doesn’t know why or what’s going on and that I should take my time, but the office wants me to LEAVE the classroom.  Now mind you, there’s 3 other parents that went on the field trip walking around.  So, not too surprised, I go out to the car and I watch 2 other parents go up to the building, ring the bell and enter the building.  None of which leave BEFORE the school bell rings.  Not one signed in at the office….they all went strait to their child’s class.  Some of them wondered around from the field trip.  How totally chicken sh*t can they be!?!?  Tell me I have to leave.  ARG  So I wait and wait and wait, because I still need to talk to the teacher.  By the point, I’m tempted to just not care if the kids have a party the last day or not, but I know that’ll only hurt K.  So he walks the kids to afterschool care, stops by the office to check his box and other things, then I finally get a chance to talk to him about a party the last day of school and let him know I’ll get everything if he tells me what he wants.  He tells me he’s really sorry I had to leave and he doesn’t understand why.  He says he’s embarassed that they’d treat me that way after I volunteered.  I told him I’m not surprised and is a HUGE reason we’re leaving that school.  He just says it’s a shame because that school needs K there.  He’s right, but it’s too late for that.  Watching him talk to me, I believe he was embarassed too.  Can you imagine telling your parent volunteer the office wants them to leave!?!?  SHEESH

That’s ok, one day, it’s going to come back on them.  I’ll be able to stand by and just watch and smile then.  In fact, the girls in K’s class are already getting a taste of it.  All year, they’ve treated her like crap and today, they come to her whining on her shoulder about how bad the “leader” is treating them.  She said “Momma, I couldn’t help but laugh at them.  All year they excluded me every chance they got and they let her lead them around.  Now they expect me to save them.  It’s a joke!!”.  I wanted to tell her it was wrong to laugh, but I couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t tell her not to laugh at them, knowing what she’s gone through all year.  I just smiled and told her to remember how God would want her to be and we left it at that.

The man is counting down too.  He got a call from transition today.  That means one of two things.  Either is retirement orders are in and ready for him to sign or they’ve been kicked back.  Let’s all pray for it to be the first.  This is about the time they told us they’d be here and ready for him.  Retirement scares me in many ways, but at the same time, I’m ready.  After 20 years of this, I know we can handle whatever life has to throw at us.  It’ll be nice to have him awake again!!

Well, I seem to be having one issue after the other with these computers.  Mine still isn’t even fixed and I can’t get online with it yet.  Then today, I have all sorts of DSL issues with K’s computer.  When I got home from picking her up, I couldn’t get it to connect for anything.  I’m just dreading what it could be, but I called tech support.  They said my DSL modem had failed….it was dead.  I said “NNOOOO” and they informed me that I must have the last one and that the kind I have/had didn’t normally last as long as this one did.  It’s someplace between 5-7 years old, I believe.  Then they were kind enough to inform me that it’d be at least a week before they could get me a new one.  So, in the car I go to find an AT&T compatible DSL modem.  No luck at Radio Shack and Office Depot now only carries cable modems.  I decided to check the AT&T store, which normally only has more cell phones than a person could possibly choose from.  I practically jumped up and down when the very very nice saleslady told me that she just got some in (and it was the same price I was quoted on the phone with a week wait).  Got it home and the computer went online instantly.  YAY!!  However, I can’t get the router to work.  I’ve tried everything that I can think of, but I’m tired of messing with it.  BooHoo  Oh well, I can get online and that’s enough for me.  I’ll figure out the router or you’ll see it flying through the air!!  HAHA

Alright, I’m off.  It’s time to tuck my big butt in bed!!  Night ya’ll….

2 Responses to Counting Down

  1. Debbie

    I just typed a comment and forgot to put my name, so it’s lost. Pooey! But it went something like this…..

    You lucky bums! We don’t get out of school until June 16. Yes, I know half the summers over by then, but we don’t start until after Labor Day. Reason….????

    Was sorry to read about your school troubles. I’m sure this wasn’t the worst of it, sounds more like retaliation for pulling K out. It makes me sick at how nasty kids can be to each other at that age, not to mention adults at their age. It’s a wonder kids have no manners or respect. You’re doing the right thing. You go girl!

    Hope “The Man’s” news is what you’re hoping for.

  2. armyfamilyok

    HA!! I just realized that I could comment on comments!! We can’t wait for school to get out. I absolutely LOVE my time with her. I remember how great summers were when I was a kid and I want the same for her. The issues at school have the push on for this year to be over with. I wish I could say that either her or I have done something wrong to deserve it, but can’t. We’re poor slugs doing the best we can in a school with doctors, lawyers, officers and anyone else who makes alot of money. I volunteer and am extremely active in what she does, but it’s not enough. One person doesn’t like you, the rest of them don’t. You know the scene!! You’re ssoooo right about the apples not falling far from the tree. Our kids are the direct result of us as the parents and adults. I wish I had a solution, but as soon as money and status became more important than God and family, I was lost!! HAHA

    Always love your comments, Debbie. Thanks!!

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