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Catching Up

Posted by on 10 May 2008

I had no idea that it’s been ssoooo many days since I wrote!!  SHEESH  Where does time go??

Debbie has been busy getting caught up and now I’m behind!!  HAHA  Yes Debbie, I’m passionate about my racing.  I love it!!  I’ve been going to the races ever since I can remember.  NASCAR isn’t what it used to be, but for the most part, I still love it.  As for not sleeping, I don’t know what does it.  It just happens now and then to me, then I’ll be exhausted and sleep for almost a whole day.  I get frustrated at K’s school and hubby’s hours sometimes, but that’s never what keeps me up.  I’m not really worried about next year either.  (I’ll panic about that later!!  HAHA)  Just happens!!  My neighbors names suit them.  I can’t even begin to tell you!!  HAHA  I’m sure you’ll continue to hear stories about our merry adventures with them!!

Alright, now that Debbie and I have had our convo for the day….

Speaking of neighbors, Druggie now has a basketball hoop in the driveway.  Someone dumped it off earlier in the week and I told The Man that it was going to mean trouble.  I can see the balls and kids in our yard now.  Well, sure enough I wake up this morning, open my bedroom blind and there it is….sitting upright on the edge of their driveway facing MY yard!!  ARG  Of course, they can’t face it toward their own yard.  NNOOOO!!  I can tell it’s time to get the old security camera recording again.  I should have had it on last weekend.  We’re out there mowing and cleaning up the yard.  Their garage door goes up and he’s “piddling on something” out there.  Then up drives one car and he goes to the driver window, hand goes in, a laugh and the car drives away.  A couple minutes later, repeat the previous steps with another car.  Just a few minutes later, up drives a rigged-out SUV.  Must be a really good customer, because he doesn’t go to the window for this one….he gets in the passenger side and closes the door.  Within 2 minutes, he’s out and they drive off.  The garage door closes and business is closed for a while.  Can you hear me screaming??  AARRRRGGGGGG  Oh but trust, our finest in blue say there’s nothing going on and I need to quit picking on the ….  never-mind!!

Well tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  The day that I get anxious about every year.  It’s the one day that I actually get to sit around and do nothing!!  As hard as that is to believe, ever since K understood what the day was, I haven’t had to do anything.  She takes Mom’s Day serious!!  She let me in on her and Dad’s secret last night because I won’t be getting my present tomorrow.  Being K, she just couldn’t keep it in and Dad told her to tell me.  Ssoooo….guess who’s going to a spa!?!?  WooHoo  I’ve never been to one and I can’t wait!!  HEHE  They had to find out what I wanted “done to me” at the spa so they knew how much it was going to cost and when and so on.  They already knew though!!  It appears that I’ll be getting a full massage and a manicure/pedicure.  I’ve never had any of those in my life!!  WooHoo

With that, I’m off!!  Ya’ll have a good one!!  Out….

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