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There’s Much to be Said for Sleep

Posted by on 6 May 2008

Oh boy am I ever dragging today!!  As soon as I dropped K off at school, I came home and got back under the blankies and went back to sleep.  I was the same way yesterday, but I didn’t get to go back to bed.  I’m just not sleeping at night whether it be one of us coughing or one of the dogs scratching.  Even they’ve been sleeping all day long because they scratch all night long.  But, it’s spring in OK and it won’t get better for awhile.  Yes, it’s the dreaded flea season.  Dips, baths and medicine and they still itch and scratch.  One day, I’ll find a way to keep those darn neighbor cats out of my yard so I don’t have this problem.  HA!!  One day, big boy will get him one of those cats….oh what a joyous day that’ll be!!  Cat lady has mowed her lawn once so far.  That’s an improvement from most years at this time.  Druggie has a new man and he mows at least once a week.   Now, if they both just attempted to treat the weeds and bugs, we MIGHT have a chance!!

I really have nothing to say!!  HAHA  I’m so thrilling!!


One Response to There’s Much to be Said for Sleep

  1. Debbie

    You crack me up. LOL I love your neighbors names.

    You know why you can’t sleep other than the reasons you mentioned? Your brain is on overload trying to get ready for school in Sept. ??? Or was there a full moon? LOL

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