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If You Ain’t Rubbin’, You Ain’t Racin’

Posted by on 4 May 2008

Busch take out Jr.

Ah, where do I start??  I’ve never been a fan of Kurt Busch and I knew as soon as his cocky little brother hit the NASCAR scene, that I wasn’t going to like him either.  Last night is the perfect example of why!! 

I was going to write this post last night immediately after the race, but I thought I had better just wait.  Yes, Jr is my man, so I’m slightly biased.  I’m the first to admit that.  However, there’s plain dirty racing and Kyle Busch defines that.  I’ve been all over the internet seeing what the news and other people are saying about the race.  We’re pretty much all in agreement….Kyle intentionally took out Jr.  Sad that’s the only way that Kyle can get what he wants.  And it does make me question Joe Gibbs Racing.  I’ve watched “Coach” sit in the pits week after week and applaud Kyle’s actions.  One person, questioned “Coach” being a Christian, but I won’t take it that far.  I do wonder about his values though and at what price to win.  Tony Stewart’s had his share of incidents and always been punished for them.  Yet, here comes the punk Kyle and NASCAR and “Coach” turn the other cheek.  Don’t even get me started on Toyota making “Coach” a very rich man. 

I do hope Kyle had extra security last night.  I’m very sure he needed it.  I hope he remembers that security when he comes back to TeXas Motorspeedway in the fall too.  He’ll find out that it’s not a #1 flying in the air for him!!  HA!!

As I said, I went around the internet to see what people had to say.  At almost every news site, there was some man (assuming it’s a man, that is) that types the exact same message at every story.  He insists on calling Jr “silverspoon”.  Makes me wonder about the intellect of people like that.  Even the drivers I can’t stand, I at least make educated and thoughtful decisions and comments on.  Trust me, I’m being VERY nice to Kyle today!!  HAHA  Anyway, perhaps mr. silverspoon should pull that spoon out from his crack and try to see the sunshine.  Jr has no silverspoon.  He’s earned everything he’s gotten and worked hard for it.  He’s the one in the car week after week.  He’s the one taking the hits.  He’s the one out there on the track proving he IS a driver.  He’s the one STILL on the track, even after his father’s death and he’s the one who left DEI to make a better life for himself.  He knew that DEI is no longer the company his daddy created for the entire family.  So mr. silverspoon, perhaps you had better remember that Earnhardt is JUST a name.  It’s just a name like Petty, Allison, LaBonte, Waltrip and all the other families out there racing.

Oh, how I do love my NASCAR!!  Ain’t nothing like the smell of fuel and rubber and hot brakes!!  MMMM  Ain’t nothing like the sound of engines revving and walls shaking and fans all yelling for their favorite driver!!

Did I ever tell you that my Daddy raced agaist Richard Petty back in his dirt track days??  Yep….he sure did!!

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  1. Debbie

    I’d say you’re quite passionate on this subject. LOL Vroom Vroom!

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