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Posted by on 1 May 2008

Ah yes….withdrawals.  But not the kind you’d expect one to have. 

Last night was my last religion class of the year.  The kids were so excited and just full of hugs.  K kept telling me all night that I was going to miss them.  She’s right!!  I had a really good bunch of kids this year.  Luckily, I’ll get most of them back next year unless changes happen over the summer.  Some of the faults I have with the kids, aren’t really the kids.  It’s the parents.  They just don’t put enough into their kids religious needs.  The image of them all walking away last night and yelling “bye” over their shoulders will stick with me.  Some of then turned around and came back to give me a hug.  It’s then, that you know you did what you had to do, no matter the cost or stress.  Hopefully, no matter what happens, they’ll be taking that with them wherever they go and remember it no matter what happens.  Even one of my boys from last year gave me several hugs.  He and his grandpa said they’d miss me.  They’ll still be there, but he’s moving on to the 1st Holy Communion class in the “big kids” building.  He was my challenge and my success last year.  And come next spring, I’ll have a busy time because all “my” first year kids will be receiving their 1st Holy Communions.  I don’t want to miss that!!

The other withdrawal was our formal letter to K’s school.  We’re giving written notice that we won’t be returning and requesting all her school records.  I’m expecting them to give us a hard time, but I’ll “win” in the end.  The last day of school is on a Thursday and on Friday is parent/teacher conferences.  We’ll pick K’s records up then and be done with it.  I don’t think any of us will be looking back on it.  We’ve formed a couple good friendships and they’ll stay with us.  We also extended our family a bit by past faculty.  However, we won’t be looking back and if we do, it won’t be with fond memories.  It was a great education (that was the teachers, not the school) and an experience to be had, but it’s better left behind.

Now, new challenges are ahead!!  WWEEEE!! 


P.S.  If you’re reading this, Debbie, thanks for you nice comments.  It means alot to me that you take the time to post a comment and keep up on what’s happening in our lives.  Never be afraid of screwing your kids lives up.  Just remember, nobody knows your kids as well as you  do!!  And the person I know is a good one and I think you could handle it if you ever made that decision.  You work with the kids at a church, you talk about your own often and you share with others in my groups.  So, don’t sell yourself short lady!!

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  1. Debbie


    How about I live vicariously through you for awhile. LOLOL You’re very welcome for the comments.

    PS: I think if you become an affiliate of CurrClick, you get discounts every time someone clicks them on your page. I think.

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