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The End of Yet Another Month

Posted by on 30 April 2008

Goodness, I don’t know where time is going!!  We’re already 1/3 of the way through 2008.  There’s only 3 1/2 weeks of school left.  Tonight is my last religion class for this school year.  Just amazing!!

Speaking of last R.E. class, I have to get folders and awards ready.  I’m a little disappointed that the kids didn’t learn their memory verses better, but I put that on the parents.  I know people are busy, but I give them 4 weeks to learn a memory verse and I get nothing.  I can only imagine what the teachers in the schools get.  What’s even harder is that religion just isn’t important to people any more.  It’s an after thought.  I’ll be getting half my class back next year for their second year.  The rest will move on.  The ones moving on are good kids and work pretty hard.  They know their prayers and they participate well.  Next year I’ll have 2 of my goddaughters in class.  I’ll have to keep them at opposite sides of the table!!  I WILL have my hands full with them!!  I’m excited looking at next year though.  I know it’s going to be hard homeschooling and teaching my R.E. class, but it’ll be worth it.  Each year, the kids are so different. 

So have you gotten your tax stimulus check yet??  We haven’t.  Supposedly, we’ll have it by the 9th if it goes by last 2 of the social.  After finding out what my parents got back, I’m not hopeful that it’ll help us much.  We’re supposed to have the big tree that’s in the front yard and up against the house cut down.  We were also going to put insulation in the attic.  I think if the check is as small as I’m expecting now, we’re going to have to choose which of those expenses will be most beneficial to us.  If we insulate the attic, we’ll be saving money on heating and cooling and ultimately put a little money in our pocket.  If we cut the tree down, we’ll save it coming down through our roof during one of these OK wind storms.  That’ll save not putting a new roof on the house, as well as possible damage to the house and us.  Ah decisions, decisions!!

It’s just glorious here today.  At least right now it is.  The wind is supposed to come up and be about 88 today.  By tomorrow, they said the dust will be blowing through the air.  Gotta love it!!  I was outside after dropping K off at school.  I cleaned up the back yard a little bit.  I piled up some of the wood from remodeling the house and organized the lawn chairs.  If I knew where the tarp was, I’d put the canopy on my swing.  The swing is in good shape, but anything that’s cloth as had it!!  I didn’t get the cans or toys picked up.  Every time I get the toys, the big dog hauls them out again!!  If K doesn’t play with them, he will!!  HAHA

And, with that, I’m off!!  Have a good one and enjoy the day!!

One Response to The End of Yet Another Month

  1. Debbie

    Hello, Elaine! Been reading your daily adventures. I just wanted to tell you that I admire you for taking on homeschooling. I’m one of those people who would like to, but is too afraid they’ll screw their kids up. LOL I wish you the best with it.

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