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Day to Day

Posted by on 29 April 2008

Well, I never said I was going to be good at keeping up with this blog!!  HAHA  Actually, there’s just not much going on right now.  Kinda funny to say that and know how busy we are. 

K should have gone to choir competition this weekend, but we decided not to do it.  The drive was an hour and half, at least, just to sing one song and then all the standing around and waiting.  It somehow just didn’t seem worth it to any of us.  The last thing we needed was to get up there and decide to go shopping!!  SHEESH  It was tempting, but there’s no need to spend the money….period!!

We had a really sudden cold snap, but it’s beautiful again.  The days are just glorious.  I can’t say it enough, Spring is my favorite time of the year.  Pollen is super bad right now though.  Everyone is sneezing and some days, you can just see it hanging in the air.  Even on her meds, K has sneezes and itchy eyes.  I’m trying to keep her well rested so we don’t end up with pneumonia again before the end of the school year.

Have I mentioned there’s only 4 weeks left!!  YAY!!  I’m so over this school year.  I’m so proud of K, but I’m tired of the stress.  I’m tired of knowing that we’re not welcome in that school and that they think we’re below them.  Even so-called friends are bailing, but that’s to be expect.  Leave it to Michele to be there and listen and hold on with us though.  Days like today, she’s like a rock to me. 

With that, I’m off.  I’m a bit tired and know that I still have many things to get done yet today.  Not to mention, there’s homework to check.  The upside of today was my doc didn’t chew me out.  He didn’t even worry about blood work.  He decided we’ll do it next time.  YAY!!


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