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….And the Thunder Rolls

Posted by on 23 April 2008

....And the Thunder Rolls

It’s a stormy day in OK!!  The thunder rolled through parts of the night, but no major storms.  Today, the thunder continues to roll, but so far nothing of significance in rain or storms.  However, there’s still a long day ahead!!  After all, this is the 5th season in OK!!

Does anyone want to come give the dogs a bath for me??  HAHA  I can throw the baby in the tub and have her clean in no time.  Her issue is cutting those crazy long nails!!  I suppose I’m going to have to pray she doesn’t break her legs off trying to get away from me and just get it done.  The big boy is tucked away under my desk hiding from the booms!!  I want him in the tub just to get rid of some of that winter coat.  We brush and brush, but he just keeps shedding!!  Vacuuming keeps me more busy than anything else right now.  SHEESH

On to more homeschool lesson plans today.  I have to see what materials I can find for pioneers.  If I knew exactly how long it will take us to read the book, I’d know more about how much material I need.  Since K love geography so much, I think I’ll give her a brief lesson on Minnesota, since that’s where On the Banks of Plum Creek takes place.  She’ll love that!!  I think I probably dread math the most.  It’s what she struggles with the most and although I took a bunch of it in school, it’s just not my favorite subject.  I know we’re going to do fine, but I still fret over it.  I’m really excited about this….we all are!!  I love the idea of tying all the subjects together and teaching her things that she just can’t get in a classroom.  I even found an oragami grasshopper for her to do in art!!  (That’s about 15 minutes worth of class time!!  HAHA)  HHMMMMM  I wonder if I can find something for music to tie in as well.  After all, Pa always did play the fiddle at night!!

Alright, it’s off to bathe the dogs that I go.  Let’s hope they get more of a bath than I do!!  And this time, let’s not forget the towels!!  HAHA


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