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….And We Have a Winner!!

Posted by on 17 April 2008

3rd Place at the Geography FairWell folks, we have a winner!!  The Geography Fair is finally over and all the judging has been done.  Miss K walked a way with a tie with another student for 3rd place!!  WooHoo  We’re so proud of her.  I selfishly prayed all day that God would give her the strength and confidence to impress the judges and that God would give the judges the insight to see what a good kid she is.  I guess this is one of those answered prayers.  She’s a little disappointed in herself because she thinks she choked a little bit on her presentation.  We’ve told her that she did just fine.  A tie for 3rd place is nothing to shake your fist at!!  As a whole, the class did great.  There was many winners in the class and several ties for all the places.  One of her best friends had a tie for 1st place.  We’re so happy for him too!!  We don’t know about 2nd yet because they ran out of ribbons, however, we do know that there were a few who got that.  Now that it’s all over, we can all breath and relax.  YAY!!

CONGRATS Miss K….we’re so very proud of you!!

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