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Daily Archives: 17 April 2008

….And We Have a Winner!!

3rd Place at the Geography FairWell folks, we have a winner!!  The Geography Fair is finally over and all the judging has been done.  Miss K walked a way with a tie with another student for 3rd place!!  WooHoo  We’re so proud of her.  I selfishly prayed all day that God would give her the strength and confidence to impress the judges and that God would give the judges the insight to see what a good kid she is.  I guess this is one of those answered prayers.  She’s a little disappointed in herself because she thinks she choked a little bit on her presentation.  We’ve told her that she did just fine.  A tie for 3rd place is nothing to shake your fist at!!  As a whole, the class did great.  There was many winners in the class and several ties for all the places.  One of her best friends had a tie for 1st place.  We’re so happy for him too!!  We don’t know about 2nd yet because they ran out of ribbons, however, we do know that there were a few who got that.  Now that it’s all over, we can all breath and relax.  YAY!!

CONGRATS Miss K….we’re so very proud of you!!

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Appalled by Today’s Society

Today’s post will be very short and probably sound like I’m my soapbox.  However, it must be said that each day, people can still surprise and disgust me. 

I recieved an e-mail about a man that supposedly got a dog and tied it in his art museum and starved it.  The dog’s pain and suffering was to become the “art”.  He left it tied there and didn’t feed it until the poor thing died.  There is a clip that can be viewed on YouTube about it and the petition against it.  After another message, it was revealed that can neither confirm nor deny this event happened.  Just the thought disgusts me and makes me sick.  From watching the brief video, it looks real to me.  People were actually walking by and just looking at this poor helpless creation of God’s.  That is just beyond the realm of my imagination.  I supposed I’d have gone to jail, but I’d have either released the dog and gotten it to safety or punched the “artist” out.  Maybe both!!  I can’t even imagine….it’d be worth the jail time!!  ‘Nough said.

Not long after that, I received a link to a “news story”.  I’m always curious and interested, so I checked it out.  This story is relating to a form of “art” as well.  It seems that a Yale student has induced an abortion on herself and is displaying the blood from it.  Excuse me, she didn’t induce one abortion, it was MULTIPLE!!  This is supposed to be some sort of statement.  The only statement that I’d like to make is that this sick disgusting “woman” (I use that term loosely as apposed to cursing) needs to be fixed and never allowed to even have the thought of having kids.  With all the couples out there that struggle to start a family and would be good loving parents, this “woman” gets pregnant just to give herself an abortion and save the blood so that she can make a “statement”.  AAHHHH  Yes, I’d like to scream at the top of my lungs.  I haven’t been able to confirm or deny this story on, but it seems to be as real as can be.  You can view the news article at‘art’ to read for yourself and decide.  I know it’s so not my job to judge, but this woman doesn’t deserve to exist!!  I’m sorry, but that’s my personal opinion.

We’ve tried to raise K the best that we could.  We’ve tried to teach her right from wrong.  I know that one good kid (and I do know other good kids) can’t change the world, but my hope is riding on them.  Something has to be done to change this society.  We’re going to hell in a handbag, people.  And we’re going there quickly.  I don’t know what the solution is or even how to get there.  I just know that we need help and I pray each day that these good kids can be the ones to turn us around.

….Stepping down off my soapbox now….

I’d like to leave you with a quote by Trace Adkins from his new book.  However, the book must have gone to work with a certain man of the house!!  I’ll have to get back to it later.  If I haven’t upset you too badly….

Have a good day ya’ll!!

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