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Pope Benedict XVI Celebrates His Birthday in D.C.

Posted by on 16 April 2008

Pope Benedict XVI celebrates with Pres. Bush at the White House

Earlier, I made note of all the “famous” people that share my birthday.  I don’t know how because, I’ve known since he became Pope, but today is also the birthday of Pope Benedict XVI.  (I didn’t realize though, until today, that we’re exactly 40 years apart in age.  Interesting!!)  The Pope celebrated by meeting a large crowd on the lawn of the White House.  He will spend time with Pres. Bush and meet with American Cardinals and Bishops.  He’ll also take a tour of D.C. in his popemobile.  What a way to see the city!!  The Pontiffs 81st birthday is to be filled with much pomp and circumstance. 

What a sight it was to see a picture of Nancy Pelosi kissing the ring of the Pope.  I won’t even get into my opinion of HER.  I’ll just say it was nice to see her bow to someone as special as the Pope.

Happy Birthday, Pope Benedict XVI!!


    I Like this quote I dislike this quote“So I went forward in my life, and thanks to God, the Lord has always taken me by the hand, guided me even in difficult situations.”  – Pope Benedict XVI

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