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Moving Along

Posted by on 15 April 2008

Today is going to be an absolutely beautiful day!!  The sun is already out and it’s warming up.  Still gets cool at night though.  Oh how I love spring!!

I think these are pretty good days for all of us right now.  That darned Geography/Social Studies Fair project is out of the way.  We enjoyed a busy but very good leave.  Now we just have 6 weeks of school left to go.  I’ll be really glad when classroom presentations and judging are over.  I know “K” is slightly stressing over it.  I think she’s going to do just fine though.  However, I understand her frustration.  Although we had plenty of time to create this in-depth project, the homework has never slowed, much less stopped.  Right up to turning it in, there were 2 tests everyday last week.  This week when they probably should be taking a breath and practicing the presentation, the homework and tests continue.  Even going through this before, it’s hard on a 4th grader.

I was taken out last night to get my birthday present.  I got a new chair for sitting at my desk.  I had gotten one last week, but absolutely hated it after we put it together.  It was hard and the back wasn’t high enough.  “K” was determined that I’d get the right one for my birthday, so they took me out last night to try chairs on for butt size!!  Office Depot sucks!!  That’s where I got that hard chair from and couldn’t find anything else suitable and affordable.  Staple’s strikes again!!  I found one that fit both qualifications there.  The is the first “leather” chair I’ve ever had.  It’s comfortable, no doubt, but we’ll see how it is when it’s warm in here during the summer or cool in the winter.  That shall be the true test!!  HAHA

Well, I tried to take it easy yesterday and somewhat recover from last week.  Unfortunately, that left me with many undone chores.  With that, I’m off to take care of that right now!!

Happy day, ya’ll!!

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