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Welcome to the first day of my first blog!!

Posted by on 14 April 2008

I thought that I’d give this blog thing a try!!  I’m not sure how I’ll do or if I’ll even be able to keep up with it, but I guess I’ll never really know unless I attempt it!!  Please just don’t expect too much of me!!  HAHA

We’ve just come off a very busy stretch.  Dad came to visit and help us do some remodeling on the house.  We got the (nasty) carpet removed from the spare room and the livingroom.  The spare room has now become our classroom.  It’s completely rearranged and set-up to begin homeschooling next year.  It’s even complete with an overhead projector and a white board!!  The livingroom will eventually get new carpeting.  Hopefully that’ll happen before winter and the cold winters with a cold floor.  We even got paint on the walls!!  Haven’t gotten to the ceiling yet, but it’ll come soon and the paint is bought. 

The image above is important because it’s the image on the home page of my newest Y!Group.  Yes, another one!!  This makes 5 now.  This one is Christian or religious based games and other materials.  The other groups focus on file folder games, but this one will include everything else besides those.  I’m hoping it’s going to be as successful a my other groups.

However, that’s not the only reason the image is important.  As most of you know, “K” is a very Christian child.  She brings so much joy and happiness to our lives.  I don’t think she’s ever down about anything….at least for very long.  I truly believe an have faith that Jesus watches over her.  She seems to be very blessed and for that, I’m more grateful than I could ever express.  Today, we had to bring her Geography Fair project to school.  Because the teacher expects them to present them to the class before the actual judging, we had to take it to the classroom.  Please pray along with us that nothing happens to her Choctaw village on the journey down the steep steps and across the parking lot to put it on display in the gym. 

With that, I guess I’ll close this blog off for today….or at least now.  Blessings to each of you today and always.

One Response to Welcome to the first day of my first blog!!

  1. Debbie

    What a surprise to see this at the bottom of one of your posts! God bless ya for giving this a try! LOL I’ll definitely have to bookmark you. Good luck with this endeavor!

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